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F. A. Q.

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Do you take walk-ins?

No, I don't. Have no intentions of introducing it either.

You don't do consultations for regular visits?

The element's of one's hair is better analyzed when it is wet or freshly/properly shampooed. One is able to tell how well the hair absorbs water, the curl pattern, etc, these are important factors that cannot be determined from looking at the hair.

How should I arrive for my appointment?

Any previous styles should be removed. I do not remove braids of any kind. Hair should be detangled. Excessive detangling will cost you an extra $30 and that is time taken away from your initial  appointment time.

Do you work with persons transitioning back to natural?

I don't. I can provide minimal advice on transition, MINIMAL! Truth be told, to work with transitioning hair is tedious, you have to pay special attention not just just the natural hair growth but also the straighten hair as well. 

Do you do loc installations or extensions?

I no longer offer installation or extension services. I can try assist in finding someone who can.

F. A. Q.: FAQ
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