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Clients & Services Policies

Ensuring the Best Experience

At Textured Hair Haven we have created a space for a one-on-one forum, an atmosphere of relaxation, privacy, and confidentiality for all clients. Considering this, please take note of the following:


Additional family, friends or children are not allowed with you at the appointment. ​​

If you are a new loose natural client, please book under NEW CLIENT SERVICES.
If you choose otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled. If unsure, please contact us before booking.

If it has been over 3 months since you have visited, please book a RESET under EXISTING CLIENTS.

If you have LOCS and it's your first time, please book a Transfer/Detox appointment under Traditional Loc Services. If you have not had a maintenance with us in more than 4 months, please book under Transfer/Detox.


First time Microloc clients MUST book a consultation.

Interested in hair color? A consultation is required if you are a new client or if you have not had a professional maintenance in 3 months or more.

This is a partnership to achieve your hair goals. 

We cannot correct months of damage in one visit. Patience and consistency are a MUST. 


If you are not going to follow the instructions given, go through the process as recommended for the length of time suggested/discussed then it is not suggested we work together. 

Children Services

We are only accepting children between the ages of 7 – 14. 

If you (parent or guardian) are coming with your child (-14 yrs.) for the first time, we will do our best to accommodate you. If you must wait after the initial appointment, seating will be organized.

The average appointment lasts approximately 2 - 5 hours

depending on your length, density and condition of the hair.

DO NOT book an appointment if you cannot dedicate

2-5 hours of your time to completing your service.

Clients/Guests: Policies
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