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You have to be willing to unlearn......

Many of us grew up with some old folks habits when it came to our natural hair. Our parents convinced us that what they were doing was best for our hair and of course we knew no better so we accepted it. As Peppa Pig would say, "in the olden days" and that's exactly what it was the olden days.

They knew no better and worked with what they had, based on the knowledge they had about it.

Hair care, be it relaxed or natural should not be a chore, should not take you all day or something you fear.

We need to unlearn many of the information that have us fearing our God given grown. This notion that natural hair is not for everyone makes me cringe because you are basically saying God made a mistake with the hair he blessed you with and we know better.

I recently got the updated version of Wash Your Damn Hair by Black Girl Curl. This is what they had to say about unlearning......

Btw, I suggest that you get your hands on a copy, it will not only help your hair game but it helps you to better partner with your hairstylist.

Over the next year of relearning my hair, I will be following the fundamentals of Wash Your Damn Hair.

A mean, why wouldn't you want awesome hair that does not take all day?

I challenge you to let go of the past, it is gone. It's time to learn a better way and make life easier for you, take back your time and enjoy your crown.


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