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Times have changed.....

Most persons thought natural hair was just a phase. Soon enough persons will start perming their hair again. Instead, we have persons returning to their natural roots, more and more companies changing their marketing strategies to cater to naturals, schools now having to incorporate more information on natural hair, all this to keep up with what was suppose to be a phase.

Natural hair is not going anywhere, anytime soon. So our mindset needs to change.

Natural hair can be just as stylist and be fashioned to any event/function or profession as permed hair. I take liberty in saying natural hair is more versatile that any other ethnic hair type. I can be cut, color, straighten or curl at a moments notice if so choose. So why are we not more excited for our hair? Why are we so quick so hide it under wigs, weaves and braids? We don't want to take care of it.....

We are stuck in the past and traumatize with what our parents put us through when it was "wash day".

We ran and we cried knowing what was about to happen Saturday or Sunday. Oooo the pulling and the tugging, the greasing and the brushing. Most of us have nothing but bad memories.

But come on, our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents knew nothing about the products or techniques we have today so why are you still holding on to those? Be honest, tell me why in the comments below.

Fast forward to today, I find that many of us have issues that we think just arrived suddenly. In dealing with many clients over the years and listening to what they use now and before, I strongly feel that the blue soap, Vaseline with coconut oil, the VO5 shampoo, Blue Magic grease, Serena grease and bees wax has had a help in many of the scalp issues we have now. Then there are the tight hair styles, not shampooing frequently enough or using the right products and most importantly our diet.

The help we needed was not there. Many of us has had scalp issues since we know ours

elves and just figured that's how our scalp is, we have had short hair and figured it's genetic but what if they are not? What if it's just bad practices in our hair care routine?

Help is more than available in 2021, there are natural hair specialist such as yours truly, Trichologist and dermatologist that focus on natural hair and its issues. You are no longer alone so don't be afraid to reach out.

I would love your feedback....


SKN Natural Hair Specialist, Curl Doctor & studying Trichologist.

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