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I wish my hair looked like......

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Dysphoria is a profound state of unease or dissatisfaction.

Curl dysphoria is very real. In the case of hair, it is being dissatisfied with your hair or wishing you had someone else's hair.

I often tell my clients that you must change your mind set before attempting to do anything else regarding your hair. We first must accept and love what you were blessed with or you will spend thousands of dollars and hours of frustration attempting to get a style that you will never achieve because your hair and curls are entirely different.

The companies that manufacture products are doing their job, making products and marketing them for you to buy. Influencers too are doing their jobs, promoting the products they are given and doing their best to convince you they work. You cannot necessarily blame them, they gotta eat. Your hair is God given, no matter what you do, unless health intervenes, will be the same texture, density and curl pattern until you leave this earth.

Let us focus on the best practices for your hair and how to keep it hydrated/moisturized. It is up to us to truly see ourselves for the beauties we are and accept 100% of us. Your best curl life is waiting for you there.*

If you are ready to get your hair on a healthy path, we have several options that may suit you. Click on the link here or send us an email here.

What are your thoughts? Please in the comment section below.

* Insert from “Wash Your Damn Hair” by Aeleise Ollarvia & Aishia Strickland

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