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Don't put it on your hair...Eat it!

You all really gotta stop, just stop it! Please a begging you, just eat the stuff man!

The eggs, the aloe, the sweet potatoes, bananas, mayo, rice water, rice pudding, the avocados(we say pear in St. Kitts). They CANNOT and WILL NOT do anything for your hair when you slather it on. Whether for 15 mins, 45 mins, 12hrs or over night. Absolutely nothing!

The molecules of raw products are too big and cannot be absorbed into our hair strands so they can get the nutrients needed. These raw foods just sit on our hair, they may even cause more hair and scalp build-up than what you already have. No one ever said that the properties of these foods aren't good for your hair, we're just saying if they are digested, you will benefit way better. Your body will be able to digest and pull the necessary nutrients, to the areas of your body, including you hair and scalp.

A lot of these foods are not even used in products because again, they are better consumed then applied to your hair. Don't you think if it was necessary to be in an ingredient someone would have came up with a formulation by now? Well, I see they are trying with rice water but I'm still not convinced.....that's just me.

I challenge you eat the food, use products formulated for your hair for at least a month(shampoo, conditioner and stylers) and let me know if you see a difference.

Please share your thoughts with us on food on the hair.

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